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The world has been overrun by an unending horde of demons. The angels up in Heaven refuse to step down to help from their lofty perches up above, for it would mean losing their wings. All, except one.

Play as Isabel as she descends upon the demon hordes, guns blazing with her holy wrath!


What's New?
Version 1.04

- New enemies and Elite versions of enemies

- Two new weapons

- Skill trees for upgrading all four weapons (You wanna dual wield shotguns?)

- Grenades

- Teleportation

- New maps with a new look

-A whole lot more sweet music

- A new boss, Azazel, appears!

- Significant balancing changes to all weapons and masteries

- New graphics for enemies

Bug Fixes

- Fixed UI text to be consistent across the board

- Sound settings persist, but sliders can still be a little buggy

- Some graphical bugs fixed

- Shadows have been fixed

- Cultist pathing has been improved




Daniel Le (captaindiz) https://captaindiz.itch.io/


Bill Chen https://puggytatoes.itch.io/

Daniel Cherng https://itch.io/profile/paxxiel


Jadon Ark (JadDoggy) https://jaddoggy.itch.io/


Simon Cho https://scho22.itch.io/


Brendon Mye (Funbam) https://funbam.itch.io/

James Homer https://jp-homer.itch.io/

Shawn Xia https://megalorix.itch.io/


Kiana Burnett https://pachwoom.itch.io/


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Nice job! All around, a good experience. I will say, I wasn't sure if the mastery trees started at the top or the bottom for some reason, even though the bottom upgrades were simpler. The linear gain of 1 point per round made it hard to upgrade multiple weapons, and even though I have access to 4 different guns, I felt like it was most rewarding to stick exclusively to the one I had upgraded. The art was good, and I didn't notice the music being repetitive or anything. Again, nice work!


Unbiased review #4 

12/10 really makes you feel like a bell with a gun 


Unbiased review #3:

I love the art in this game! It's some of the best art I've seen in any game.


Unbiased review #2: 

very poggers game 


Really funny game 666/10


Superb video game. I really liked the design of this game and stuff. 

Shout out to Simon Cho


nice game i liked the first version where i was able to dodge through walls that felt great but i also like the soundtrack


Unbiased review:

banger game 11/10 would play again